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Understanding Create Once Publish Everywhere (COPE) Strategy

If we tell you that now you can publish your content on different online sources to save your time & efforts, how would you react? Fairly surprised, isn’t it? You’d probably be like “Are Google Bots going on a holiday?” Of course not. However, modern web designers & developers have come up with a technique through which you can publish your content to various online outputs like- AMP Sites, Websites, Email Campaigns, Applications, etc, following a common source of truth. The foremost advantage of using such a strategy is of course the conservation of time & efforts.

The foremost concern is that is it challenging? It is indeed. How can you expect the same content structure to provide for different mediums without any hassles? The point is to establish an integration between various forms of content publishing instruments. Yes, we’re talking about various programming languages that we often use. “N” number of languages means “N” number of platforms. You can’t make use of HTML to initiate content structure for Android Apps.

In this post, we have explained the Create Once Publish Everywhere (COPE) Strategy thoroughly & the reasons why WordPress stays perfect for the implementation of such strategies. Before heading to the main event, let us serve you with a concise description of our company.

SFWP Experts is a leading Custom Coded WordPress Website Design & Development Company that serves a variety of your web media issues with the finest solutions out there. We know how crucial a COPE Strategy could be to strengthen your content responsiveness & hence we’ve come up with this fine piece of information today!

What’s COPE Strategy & How WordPress Fits Best For It?

COPE Strategy is a content optimization strategy, initiated by NPR that establishes a common source of truth for your online content to be used on varied platforms. If you’ve got a mobile app associated with your web domain, you have to integrate the two as per your content structure. Though certain web pages could differ, you can’t plan to offer 2 completely different information structures related to your online products or services.

Over to WordPress, the CMS is famous for its UI & ease of functionality. Given below are traits that make it the best fit for your COPE Strategy:

  • Flexibility

If you’re new to WordPress you’ll get access to a variety of free WordPress Themes & Plugins that already serve your mobile responsiveness needs. Experts are developing varieties of WordPress accessories available online to provide budding web designers & developers. They know that WordPress is the future and is going to accumulate millions of IT Professionals together. Moreover, WordPress keeps upgrading its features & database timely, consuming more flexibility. WordPress uses its meta field to alter its content structure again & again.

  • Broad Usage

Around 40% of websites are running on the WordPress CMS presently. Since its inception, the popularity of WordPress has continuously increased. Moreover, with the introduction of the Google Plugin Update in 2004 webmasters have got an alternative to make things easier & time-saving. Coming back to COPE Strategy, a lot of budding web designers & developers are going to be benefited from the same due to broad usage.

Gutenberg is a recent WordPress Block & Content Editor that’s active as default since the introduction of the WordPress 5.0 Update in 2018. The editor could establish a great relationship with a COPE Strategy as it is associated with the block adjustment of your website’s content structure. A website layout with blocks can be very practical when you need to establish responsiveness through your website content structure.

  • Powerful

WordPress is indeed a powerful CMS offering free hosting support to webmasters. The 2nd thing is that the CMS is open source & absolutely free to use. Running COPE strategy could sometimes be heavy & time-consuming. As such, you need reliable web hosting support to undertake hulking responsibilities. An inappropriate server couldn’t do that for you.

This way we can conclude WordPress is the right platform you can use to entail your COPE Strategy. Nevertheless, you have to undergo a string of operations to achieve your target. You can always consult SFWP Experts to overcome the time-consuming & complex phases of your WordPress Web Design & Development Missions. Here we suggest the best ways you can optimize your online presence before the users & Search Engine Crawlers!

How to Commence a Fine COPE Strategy?

To establish your first successful COPE strategy you have to review your principal requirements. Why do you want to switch to multiple mediums? What multiple resources you’ve got to position your content & how you can do this effectively? When you’ve decided on the mentioned concerns successfully you can proceed with the process. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Create Your Multi-Channel Plan

COPE Strategy is related to your operational efficiency. It helps you enhance your content appearance by positioning you on various online platforms. It is quite a promotional technique you can use to allure traffic from different directions. As such you can consistently convey whatever resides in your information structure. Hence, the first thing you have to do is to enlist your favorite channels. After that, you can accumulate your content assets to later throw them into the favorite channels. Remember that you’re not obliged to create varied channels for each of your website content. You can customize your actions accordingly.

2. Analyze the Audience

Remember what we just discussed in the previous point, you’re not required to follow the COPE strategy to distribute your website content. The audience could be the main reason behind this. If you’re offering them something they don’t need at all, what’s the meaning of publishing here and there. To understand your audience follow these steps:

  • Separate your marketing channels & consequently your target audience
  • Figure out their personal experiences & brand preferences via ratings & reviews
  • Check the audience behavior with respect to the marketing channels you target
  • Conduct Performance Analytics Research on competitor websites
  • Do the same for your website & examine the positive & negative response within
  • Don’t forget the search engine algorithm alterations

This way, you’ll be able to assess the user’s likes & dislikes to grab your finest chance. If you’ve mistaken to provide efficiently for a particular channel you’ll be able to draw some fine lessons.

3. Make use of the Research

Make sure to conduct a lite version of your COPE Strategy as you only have to observe initially. There are a lot of other channels you can approach based on the results of your first audience reaction. Moreover, you set your channel priorities to where & when you start the fair game. You can separately analyze the significance of each channel & corresponding audience behavior.

4. Proceed to Other Channels

When you come to know which channels are worth putting in which content piece, you can proceed with your COPE Strategy again. You can fail again, however, you have to keep distributing, analyzing & improving unless you succeed to spread your words around.

Final Words

A potential COPE Strategy can help you publish on various platforms simultaneously. Additionally, it saves your time to focus on other aspects of your business model. The strategy also lets you initiate adaptive content structures. At SFWP Experts you can stay familiar with likewise strategies & techniques and our Custom WordPress Designing Experts don’t let you fall behind. Let’s have a conversation!!

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